How to Index Blogger Blog Post in Google Quickly 2024


Blogger Instant Indexing API


Are you a blogger who wants to optimize the indexing of your articles? Look no further! In this blog, we will guide you through the process of using the Blogger Instant Indexing API to ensure that your articles are indexed by search engines quickly and efficiently.

Why is Instant Indexing Important?

When you publish a new article on your website, you want it to be indexed by search engines as soon as possible. Instant indexing ensures that your article will appear in search engine results faster, leading to increased visibility and traffic to your website. With the Blogger Instant Indexing API, you can achieve this without any hassle.

Setting Up the Blogger Instant Indexing API

Follow the steps below to set up the Blogger Instant Indexing API:

  1. Open Google Cloud Console by searching for it on Google or directly visiting
  2. Login to your Google account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  3. Create a new project by selecting “Create Project”.
  4. Add a project name and click on “Create” to create the project.
  5. In the left sidebar, navigate to “APIs & Services” and select “Library”.
  6. Search for “Search Console API” and enable it.
  7. In the left sidebar, click on “Credentials” and select “Manage Keys”.
  8. Add a new key and select the JSON format. Create the key and download the JSON file.
  9. Go to Google Drive and upload the JSON file.
  10. Copy the URL of the uploaded file.
  11. Open a new Google Colab notebook and create a new folder.
  12. Upload the JSON file to the folder.
  13. Open the file and copy the URL.
  14. Go back to your website’s search console, select your website, and scroll down to the “Settings” section.
  15. Add a new user and enable API indexing.
  16. Update the URL with the copied URL from the Google Colab notebook.
  17. Click “Update” to save the changes.
  18. Wait for approximately 40-60 minutes for the indexing to complete.


By following the steps above, you can easily set up the Blogger Instant Indexing API and ensure that your articles are indexed quickly. Instant indexing leads to increased visibility and traffic to your website, helping you reach a wider audience. Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of the Blogger Instant Indexing API and watch your website soar to new heights!

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